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What's the deal...
Blue Sky
Apparently I have the world's best attitude. That's what they tell me.  Over the weekend I moved my stuff into a paid for storage until (Until the 1st of the month)  - I just moved from my little apartment into the big house. The dogs are thrilled that I am here.  My back is not thrilled I need to engineer better (firmer) pillowage.  I am here until the 20th I think and then 2 weeks with the Minister.  She's not sure she will like having someone around but I know she will after she realizes that I do not need entertaining.  I do plan on being very useful however.  Vehicle wise and in other ways.  Then I have a break with no housing for 2 weeks or so.  Then I have  a place to stay for 2 months.  After that.  Lord willing I will have my own place or return here.  The woman I am staying with is of a certain age, I think she should have someone on property at all times.  I hope she thinks so too.  She's really super nice to me and helps me to tow the line.  As much as having my own place calls to me.  Maybe I need a year or two without one to learn how to live with myself again. 

I am looking for employment.  I hope something comes soon. I want to be a working girl with income.  I want to save up and buy a car cash if possible.  Payments seem kind of crazy in this economy.  I always thought I'd like to put money into a savings account, like a car payment and then buy the car with the cash when enough is saved.  Perhaps I can do that now. 

I had an awesome Sunday playing Bocce ball with friends and having lovely church and really not missing Mom at all.   See Mom lives in my head.  She tells me what to do and sometimes I do it. Mercury is out of retrograde today so perhaps my frustration level will decrease by the weekend. 

I am blessed to be getting single.  I am blessed with generous friends.  I am blessed with my housemates dogs who are so understanding, I am blessed with a church community that is so supportive, with a brother who has an extra vehicle, with a brotherly roommate, who not only helps me move but stands up for me, should anyone dare be critical of myself.  I am blessed with an x that will show up to help me move when needs be.  I am blessed with food to eat and a roof over head at least for now.  I am blessed with many people who support me unconditionally when I need help and even when I really don't. 

So that's what gives me the worlds best attitude.  I see how I am so blessed and I am glad of it.  I am so thankful. I have it pretty good for someone in such a bad situation. 


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