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The Ramen King and I
Blue Sky
I picked this up in the store and I should have bought the e-book and saved $7.  I had no idea that I was reading a book on Spirituality...

This is a true story about how a man came to terms with his demons by the process of searching for Truth via the Ramen Inventor.  I like Japanese things and that helped me like this book.  I really wasn't expecting the recovery angle.  Our hero decides that life is unmanageable and he needs to change it.  His counselor doesn't try to fix it herself but sends him to a 12 step group and that makes all the difference.  He gets the perfect sponsor and due to his odd obsession with the creator/inventor of Ramen noodles.  He finds a way to abstinence through noodles and things Japanese.  

This memoir is quite translatable to folks with other addictions.  It was brilliant the way he shows us recovery and does not tell us about it. He tells us what happens and what happens changes him and by way of reading I am changed also.  From reading this book I learn that I should tell what happened when I right and keep the analysis to a minimum.  To let the reader/listener discover what he learned for himself.  It's brilliant writing because of that and I also learned the reading for hours about ramen totally makes me want noodles.  It was interesting how intense my desire for noodles was while reading this book.  I was upset about what he was going through and wanted my addictive fix, just like he wanted his. 

This is a wonderful book for anyone doing recovery.  i would suggest however to keep yourself separated from the object of your desire while reading it. (I only had 1 serving of spaghetti..) 

I give this 5 stars. 


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