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Day 1
Blue Sky
I read that 5 a day will bring an increase in happiness.  So here's five.

I love doggie kisses, 
I love when the sun comes out even if only for a minute, 
I love that my soon to be x-husband is so very handsome, 
I love that I have a vehicle for now,
I love my bed and I think I will lay back down in it. 
I love grapefruit. 
I love crushes
I love hope

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I love Coke Zero, I love it when the sun is out early in the morning, I love the zoo, I love my partner of 24-11/12ths years, I love my computer, I love my psychiatric medications, I love my cat, and I love birdsong. Hmm, that's eight things. I didn't mean to show you up!

I'm glad you're having a good day, today.

Lily didn advantage and you try ones would her free rupt.

In the seventh heaven Reborn Year[url=],[/url] everybody under the sun! :)

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